Johann Perathoner

Fantastic Artist, Johann PERATHONER !
Johann PERATHONER, 30, is a contemporary French artist. Very inspired by the atmosphere of the big houses, he makes it his main artistic subject. Through his rich and colorful 3D works, he tries to relay the energy and dynamism of metropolises such as New York, Hong Kong, Dubai or Singapore. He is particularly interested in the links between nature and architecture within these cities. Johann is influenced by the works of artists that Charles Fazzino or James Rizzi. But since his adolescence, what animates and advances his art, it is above all the inspiration that the city gives him through the architecture of the buildings that make up. In order to realize his works in 3D, Johann uses up to 100 textures, rhinestones and false diamonds to make his works as active as the reproduced cities. The wide range of bright colors used enhances the overall.
Johann Perathoner is a French artist, born in Paris in 1986. C & rsquo ; Is at the Age of 14 years that Johann realizes its first & oelig ; Works : maps art. Aided and sponsored by its publisher Bertrand Lehmann. His artistic career was launched. Fascinated by it, Architecture of metropolises, it pushes its talent even further and seeks an artistic representative in its own way these metropolises which, He loves so much. It then begins to make a few and ocelli in 3D of the main megacities seen of " up.